Return-to-campus readiness: best practices

To help you get ahead of the coming demand for service, we’ve created this checklist of tasks that you may be able to tick off in advance.

In addition, we’ve developed a set of steps for returning faculty, staff and students that are designed to simplify their transition — ideally reducing the service requests you’ll receive during the initial return. You can find those steps here.

SCAD/DCS Return to Campus Checklist

  • Speak with your department manager about dates and times staff are allowed on campus for support/updates
  • Inventory equipment and reorder as needed, factoring in longer fulfillment times for computer purchases at this time
  • Consider necessary hardware repairs or service in advance, where possible, to shorten turnaround times
  • Test all department printers and copiers
  • Test onsite computers and monitors
  • Reset/reauthenticate after certificate updates or devices fallen off the domain
  • Initiate software updates as needed to onsite equipment
  • Check login scripts
  • Test conference displays, classroom, A/V and lab equipment
  • Develop and/or participate in department “connection clinics” and other proactive communications
  • If in a building with Salto doors, remind staff to touch their ID card against a local Salto hotspot to refresh their door access