SCAD/DCS Program Services

We've Moved to SN@P!

If you intend to submit a request for any of the services below, please note that we now only receive these requests via SN@P (Service Now @ Princeton).  To submit a request for any of the services below, please visit the SN@P website and submit your request there!  A SCAD/DCS member will respond to your request as soon as they possibly can.  Thank you for your cooperation!  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact a SCAD member.  Their information can be found on the about page.

Classroom In A Box (CIAB)

Need a training facility, but can't get one of the PC equipped rooms?

OIT offers both PC and MAC laptop computers along with necessary networking, mice, power and other cables to create a portable cluster. Departments and campus organizations can borrow the CIAB by submitting a request in SN@P. While there is NO CHARGE for the use of the laptops, there is a charge for delivery and setup.

SCAD/DCS Vacation Coverage

Is your SCAD/DCS going to be away from the office for vacation, illness or any other reason?

While the OIT (SOC) Support And Operations Center (609-258-4357 (8-HELP)) can provide front line support for a short term absence, OIT Support Services offers a SCAD/DCS replacement for longer term absences - FREE. While your SCAD/DCS is away from the office, the SCAD/DCS temp will handle all emergencies and keep your office up and running. To request SCAD/DCS vacation coverage, please submit the request to SN@P.

SCAD/DCS Needs Analysis

Do you think your department needs technical support?

If you don't have a SCAD/DCS and think your department could use technical assistance or if you have a SCAD/DCS already but still need more assistance, OIT Support Services can perform a SCAD/DCS Needs Analysis to determine the type of support your department needs. We will review your department's computing needs, determine whether you need part-time or full-time help and come up with the justification necessary to request the position. If you are interested in a Computing Needs Analysis, please submit your request to SN@P.