Maria Zabielski

Maria Zabielski
  • Technical Support Analyst
  • Human Resources
Interoffice Mailing Address: Human Resources New South Building, Floor 2  
Phone: 609-258-6137
Fax: 609-258-5333
Email: mfarring@princeton.edu
Office: B02 New South Building

Mark L. Zabielski

Mark Zabielski
  • IT Support Specialist
  • Support Services
  • Office of Information Technology
Interoffice Mailing Address: OIT Support Services 701 Carnegie Center, Suite 302
Phone: 609-258-6203
Fax: 609-258-6599
Email: mlz@princeton.edu
Office: 344B 701 Carnegie Center

Carla M Zimowsk

Carla Zimowsk
  • Technical Support Analyst/Manager
  • History
Interoffice Mailing Address: History Dickinson Hall, Room 129
Phone: 609-258-5256
Fax: 609-258-5326
Email: czimowsk@princeton.edu
Office: G02C Dickinson Hall

Igor Zivkovic

Igor Zivkovic
  • Information Technology Manager
  • Public Safety
Phone: 609-258-5773
Fax: 609-258-9773
Email: izivkovi@princeton.edu
Office: 107 200 Elm Drive

Jeffrey M Zodda

Jeffrey Zodda
  • Manager
  • Technical Support Services
  • Facilities Finance and Administrative Services
Phone: 609-258-2552
Fax: 609-258-8199
Email: jzodda@princeton.edu
Office: B01 MacMillan Building