Retirement of SN@P URL Redirects

The ServiceNow SN@P redirect currently in place since the introduction of the Princeton Service Portal is being deactivated on October 25, 2023. When the change goes into effect, outdated bookmarks and links containing the redirect will instead generate a "404 Page not found" error.

Users and website administrators should update their bookmarks and links to resolve this issue. SN@P redirects can be identified by the use of the word snap in the URL (e.g.

How to Bookmark Articles or Forms

For the best experience, bookmark the Princeton Service Portal homepagerather than bookmarking specific articles and forms. This ensures users get the most up-to-date articles and forms, while allowing content owners to retire outdated material.

To bookmark articles within the Service Portal, select the Bookmark icon in the summary section of each article/form. To view all saved Service Portal bookmarks, visit the My Bookmarks page, located in the navigation menu on the top right.