SCAD/DCS Program Participation

Members of the SCAD/DCS Program are expected to participate in program meetings and events with OIT in addition to supporting their department(s). SCAD/DCS members receive onboarding training with OIT professionals during their first few weeks at Princeton and are expected to attend additional training to maintain a standard of support and for professional development.

SCAD/DCS members should:

  • Know and understand the Princeton University Managed Environment programs
  • Know and understand Princeton University and SCAD/DCS/OIT policies
  • Know the standard applications used at Princeton University and be able to support them
  • Be able to set up and automatically enroll University computers into the Princeton endpoint management solutions (Jamf and Intune)
  • Be able to customize a standard Princeton University machine for multiple users
  • Be able to perform routine user and system administration tasks on University devices
  • Be able to train new users in basic use of machine and applications at Princeton University
  • Be able to manage user problems in ServiceNow
  • Acquire proficiencies as determined by position at hiring
  • Be able to diagnose and repair common issues without outside assistance
  • Be able to install the operating system and Princeton University standard applications
  • Be able to identify upcoming departmental technology needs for budget cycle
  • Know how to find and make full use of the major resources on the OIT SCAD/DCS website
  • Demonstrate mastery of the core departmental competencies, as specified by the department 

In addition, all SCAD/DCS members should:

  • Attend all SCAD/DCS meetings
  • Attend all OIT-sponsored training relevant to the member’s department and equipment