Support for Computing in Academic Departments/Department Computing Support
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Welcome to the SCAD/DCS Program

The SCAD/DCS (Support for Computing in Academic Departments/Department Computing Support) program is the frontline support and maintenance for desktop hardware and software systems at Princeton University. It has been uniquely structured allowing the benefits of centralization and the freedom of decentralization. 

For more information, contact the SCAD/DCS Senior Program Manager, Evelyne Roach


Changes to Hard Drive Destruction Process
Aug. 9, 2022

Due to strict regulations by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), OIT Hardware Support will no longer be erasing or destroying hard drives.

Service Management Office Updates, Upcoming Meetings, and Contact Info
Aug. 8, 2022

Update on the Service Management Office (SMO) personnel changes and plans to maintain strong ties between departmental support (SCAD and DCS) and central OIT.

Message Delivery Issue Affecting Gmail Accounts
Aug. 5, 2022

Due to a recent change in the way that Google filters email based on security rules, we have been seeing an increasing number of message delivery issues in Princeton Gmail accounts.