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Support for Computing in Academic Departments/Department Computing Support

Welcome to the SCAD/DCS Program

The SCAD/DCS (Support for Computing in Academic Departments/Department Computing Support) program is the frontline support and maintenance for desktop hardware and software systems at Princeton University. It has been uniquely structured allowing the benefits of centralization and the freedom of decentralization. 

For more information, contact the SCAD/DCS Senior Program Manager, Evelyne Roach

News and Updates

Tiger Speed

Tiger Speed is a new website to help students, faculty, and staff measure their internet connection from off campus to Princeton.  It is available at and will also be accessible from the Blackboard and Canvas home pages.

Quick Start for Using Tiger Speed

A Princeton netID and password are required to use Tiger Speed

Click 'Start Test" and watch the results

The test can take anywhere from 30 seconds or more

It is highly recommended that you run the test more than once

The results of Fast, Adequate, or Slow will display when the test is done


If the test reveals a connection that is slower than ideal for remote Princeton coursework (such as streaming video, using Zoom), the Office of Information Technology (OIT) can offer tips on how to improve your speed.


For more information about Tiger Speed, please visit the Princeton Service Portal and search for ‘Tiger Speed.’

Zoom Training Session: July 22, 2020


Mac OS

The computer setup documentation published by CSS is still written assuming the computer and all people involved are on-campus as the default scenario. Additional setup instructions have been added to try to address other scenarios. Instructions for the following scenarios appear throughout the documentation where necessary:

Scenario #1 - Computer on-campus in SCAD/DCS possession, user off-campus
Scenario #2 - Computer off-campus in SCAD/DCS possession, user off-campus (this is not common)
Scenario #3 - Computer off-campus in user's possession, SCAD/DCS on- or off-campus

KB articles-

KB0010208 - Mac self-service setup, intended for end-users (also available through the redirect)

KB0010210 - Mac SCAD/DCS-assisted setup 

KB0012562 - Setting up a Bomgar connection when the computer is in the SCAD/DCS' possession and the end user cannot be physically present to assist with the setup. (Scenario #1 and #2)

KB0012566 - Setting up a Bomgar connection when the computer is in the user's possession and the SCAD/DCS cannot be physically present to assist with the setup. (Scenario #3)


KB0010477 - Windows 10 DeSC Enrollment 

Global Protect Install:  Error Prompt " ...mfc120.dll is missing "


Check out the Work Continuity Page at Princeton

Remote Work Essentials: 

  • Internet service
  • Computer (University-owned or personal)
  • Webcam and headset with mic (optional)

Tools and strategies for:

The pages of this website provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for information about getting and using these digital strategies.  More support videos and self-help resources are planned, so check back again for more. 


    As with everything, practice makes perfect.  When you set up any of these technology services, test them, explore the features, become familiar with them.  

    Getting Help

    If you need help setting up or using these services, there are several help resources you can turn to:  



    Canvas @ Princeton

    Canvas is a robust and intuitive online platform for teaching and learning (also known as a Learning Management System or LMS). Starting in the Spring of 2020, it will gradually replace our longstanding LMS, Blackboard. The transition will be complete in the Spring of 2022. For more information visit the Canvas @ Princeton Site.


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