Classroom In A Box Request Form

Hardware available:

Macbook laptops:

  • OS X 10.10 - Mid 2012 models
  • OS X 10.9 - Early 2009 models

Windows laptops:

  • Windows 7 - Dell Latitude D620, D630, E6410, E6420 and E6430 models


  • HP Laserjet Network Printer


Software available:

OSX 10.10
Windows 7 /8
Office 2010 /2013
FireFox /Internet Explorer


Submit your request

By submitting this form, the requester agrees and will adhere to the following rules regarding Classroom in a Box use:

  • Ensure that the machines are treated with respect
  • Will not leave the machines unattended
  • Will use the machines in a secure location

Please note that requests will not be granted until a confirmation email from Evelyne Roach (Office of Information Technology, Support Services) has been received.