Welcome to the SCAD/DCS Program


The SCAD/DCS (Support for Computing in Academic Departments/Department Computing Support) program is the frontline support and maintenance for desktop hardware and software systems at Princeton University. It has been uniquely structured allowing the benefits of centralization and the freedom of decentralization. 

The decentralized SCAD/DCS program is set up so that each department has their own support personnel with specialized access to all of the information from the centralized Office of Information Technology. The SCAD/DCS member participates in monthly meetings with others in the program, along with representatives from the central Office of Information Technology. They are offered specialized training and certification programs determined by the needs of the departments and the direction of technology of the University. Departments are able to remain autonomous while garnering the benefits of a campus wide central administration.

Who Runs the Program?


Evelyne Roach
Evelyne Roach
Senior IT Manager
Office of Information Technology


Mark Zabielski
Mark L. Zabielski
IT Support Specialist
Office of Information Technology


Patrick Richichi
Patrick W. Richichi
SCAD/DCS Technical Support Specialist
Office of Information Technology


Joseph Moreau
Joseph W. Moreau Jr.
Technical Support Specialist I
Office of Information Technology